We know what it's like when you are in need of just a couple of replacement poles or want to keep your beloved old canvas but renew it with a shiny new Douglas Fir skeleton...!  That's why we are happy to sell poles in whatever quantity you would like at bargain prices...



We can make and deliver any size pole you like in any quantity. Contact us today to get a delivery quote. Below are our prices for our most popular tipi pole sets. All prices include Douglas Fir tipi poles stripped and peeled ready to use.

Tipi 14ft diameter - 14 X poles 17ft - 18ft long £280 / or £20.00 each

Tipi 16ft diameter - 14 X poles 19ft - 20ft long £350 / or £25.00 each

Tipi 18ft diameter - 17 X poles 21ft - 22ft long £440 / or £26.00 each

Tipi 21ft diameter - 17 X poles 24ft - 25ft long £480 / or £29.00 each

Tipi 24ft diameter - 19 X poles 28ft - 29ft long £590 / or £31.00 each

All other sizes and quantities available, please contact us for more info.

**All of our poles are sustainably sourced from local forests who are part of the Forestry Commission, they are hand selected to be straight and as free of kinks or knots as possible...

All tipi poles we supply are from the strong Douglas Fir Tree which is renowned for its strength and durability.  Given the correct care your poles will last you years and years.  We are able to offer poles of pretty much any length - from teeny kids play tipis to giant lodges, feel free to get in touch if you have a specific length you are looking for... 

We are sometimes able to offer poles unpeeled, feel free to get in touch if you want to have a go at peeling them yourself!  We can give you free advice and it can be a really theraputic and rewarding experience, enabling you to connect with your tipi even more once it's all up!