Now it's time to pimp up your tipi! 

When it comes to furnishing your tipi...if we don't have it we can find it!  Tell us your ideas or have a look below at what we stock as standard and see what takes your fancy!


Along with the heavy duty groundsheets we can offer coir matting which is supplied in half circles at amazing prices.
4.3m diameter, half moon £135 full circle £235
5.5m diameter, half moon £172 full circle £300
6.4m diameter, half moon £230 full circle £420
7.3m diameter, half moon £290 full circle £525 


Kadai Bowls

We are now incredibly proud to be able to offer these stunning Kadai Fire Bowls, made in India from recycyled metal these firebowls are super impressive, they come in three sizes, 60, 70 and 80cm diameter, they come with short legs as standard, a grill, and tongs
60cm £185
70cm £195
80cm £210

These are delivered separately to other items for their own protection. Postage is generally only £10 within the UK!


We have a wide range of different stoves which you can add to your tipi, we can also supply the flashing kit needed which means you can put the flue through the side of your tipi without the rain coming in.

This stove is utterly beautiful!  Yes an open fire is free and it keeps with tradition but when it comes to living and keeping warm or just using your tipi as another room in the house these stoves are perfect!  We can help with fitting and offer advice on how to ensure the flashing is secured correctly (see below) - Hobbit stoves are handmade in the UK and can include flue and flashing if you want to keep your tipi wrapped up in the winter or just a great way of cooking and keeping warm with the smoke coming out the traditional way.


Flashing Kit £100 including postage

Griffin Stove
Nominal output 3kw Dimensions overall: height 390 mm to top of plate, 440 mm to top of flue collar, width max 380 mm, depth 365 mm

Griffin interior dimensions: height 255 mm, width 247 mm, depth 272mm

The flue collar accepts standard 4 inch flue pipe, the flue collar can be central (standard practice) or to the left or the right at NO extra charge.
The price for the Griffin is £210.00 plus £30 for postage


Gauntlet Stove

Nominal output 4.25 kw
Dimensions overall: height 460mm to top of plate, 510 mm including collar, width 400 mm depth 425 mm


Gauntlet Interior Dimensions: height 330 mm, width 242 mm, depth 320 mm.

The flue collar accepts standard 4 inch flue pipe, the flue collar can be central, (Standard practice) or to the left or right at NO extra charge
The price for the Gauntlet is £235.00 plus £30 postage


Goblin Stove

A no nonsense burner handmade from quality hot rolled plate steel giving a welcoming 6kw of Heat
Generous burning chamber capable of holding 16 inch logs
Overall Dimensions: Height 416mm, Width 410mm, length 530mm

Internal Dimensions Height 230mm, Width260mm, length 430mm

Price £267.00 plus postage
Flue is available for £15 per metre plus postage 


Shower - What if we could tell you you can now have a piping hot shower anywhere you like (as long as there is water of course!) - not solar (we love solar but sometimes waiting until 4pm for a shower isn't that great!) this little beauty connects to a gas bottle and a standard garden hose away you go!  Hot water on tap (or is that on shower?!) We wouldn't believe it either if we hadn't seen one with our own eyes! - £250.00

We also now sell a range of brilliant,y priced compost loos, all handmade in the uk, perfectly suited to either a rustic shed or a modern family bathroom, please see our compost loo tab for more info.


Sheepskin Rugs - These beautiful long hair sheepskin rugs come from a family in Mongolia, they are as fairtrade as fairtrade can be because we know exactly where they have come from!  Because they aren't just popped out of a factory or snipped on a production line they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and are a thinner hide than the sheepskins which are double the price, though in a tipi they work perfectly, they are easy to air and clean and can be rolled up to fit in a small bag easily... Sizes and colours vary but if you let us know a preference we will do our best to match it! - £65 each plus postage