Just Relax

A Sway Bed is a large canvas hammock crossed with a bed, no longer do you need to balance and wobble in a small uncomfortable single hammock, Sway Bed allows you to lay alone in starfish pose or snuggle up with friends and loved ones. They have been used in the woods, over water, outside and inside. Sway Beds are reinforced and incredibly tough, they can comfortably hold the weight of two adults!

People are enjoying the comfort and relaxation of swaying away on a big hammock the size of a king size bed! We can also make to any other size you like so no matter how big or small a sway bed can still suit your space.

They are completely rot proof meaning they can stay out in all weathers and can be easily cleaned whether in canvas or PVC .

Our PVC Sway Beds are proving to be increasingly popular with people with special needs due to the fact that they come in a range of bright colours, clients find they help those with heightened sensory needs, they feel safe, secure and comorting and the swaying motion is incredibly therapeutic, whats more we offer a discount to adults and children with special needs and for every 10 Sway Beds we sell we give another one to a family with someone with special needs! Find out more at www.swaybed.co.uk