We don't mind how you spell it...

Either way, we still want you to get exactly what you want whether you are looking to buy or hire...

All of our tipis follow a traditional Sioux design and are handmade at our workshop at home in West Cornwall. 

Outer Canvas:

We use 12 and 15oz canvas duck.  The outside skin is usually natural white (however we are open to requests...we have seen camouflage - stripes and pretty much everything in between!)  Our canvas is all water, rot and fire resistant to British safety requirements, meaning your tipi will keep you dry on a wet day, snug on a cold day and lovely and cool on a warm day

Inner Liner:

Our tipis also have an inner liner which hangs from a thin rope about 5ft high, the liner also has a pvc strip around the bottom which tucks under the groundsheet and coir matting, stopping any cool breezes getting through and also stopping the canvas from getting damp should your tipi be in heavy use or left up through bad weather, the liner can be taken down on warmer summer evenings but is useful to help smoke to draw up through the smoke flaps if you wish to have an open fire.


Our groundsheets are heavy duty and waterproof.  Each are cut to the size of your tipi and heat-sealed to ensure durability.  We are able to cut a fire hole at no extra cost should you wish


All of our tipis whether for hire or sale come with a raincatcher, this is made of 12oz cotton duck and hangs from just under the hole in the top of the tipi and ends at the back of the tipi hanging over the inner liner, basically meaning that you can have a fire and not get wet!  You will still have enough room in the top of the tipi to draw the smoke through but any water which drips inside will be safely taken so it runs away outside the tipi

Pins, Pegs, Ties and Ropes:

We supply all our tipis with handmade ash pegs for the outer canvas and tent pegs for the inner liner.  You will also recieve all the ropes and ties you will need for building the tipi structure and hanging the liner as well as handmade willow lace pins

Our tipi poles are all sustainably sourced from our local Forestry Commission managed forest, the poles are from the Douglas Fir which is renowned for its durability and strength.  We lovingly hand peel, sand and linseed oil each pole to ensure they give you year after year of use