We can make tipis up to 32ft in diameter, after which their size becomes impractical to set up and transport, this is when the Stretch Marquees come into their own!

With the increasing popularity of Kata Tipis for events and weddings coupled with the large price tag we have noticed that the demand for larger and larger Sioux Tipis coupled with their much lower price tag has meant we now are being asked to make Tipis of anywhere between 26ft and 32ft in diameter. We love a challenge! And are happy to oblige! We have made giant Tipis for people to use for wedding ceremonies and receptions, for large shamanic retreat gatherings, as catering spaces and much more. Although Sioux Tipis do not fit together like Kata Tipis do, we have found that with some imagination you can create an equally beautiful space my placing a few Sioux Tipis close together with the walls rolled up. We can make doors in the rear of any tipi which means you can connect door to door with a large and small or large and large tipi too, this is especially popular for a reception and catering/chill out space. You need to be sure that a big tipi is right for you. A Big tipi is BIG! And comes with even bigger poles, Poles for a 30ft diameter tipi will be at least 35ft long. You will need ample space around the sides of the tipi to make set up as simple as possible or you will need ratchets and something equal to a cherry picker to enable you to reach to the height necessary, you'll also need several strong pairs of hands and arms for a few of the stages of set up. But Big is beautiful! And you get a beautiful space at the end! As of this year we are also proud to offer our new additions to the family, beautiful Stretch Marquees and Stretch Tents which you can attach too or have set up alongside a tipi. Of course you also could use alone if preferred, offering a contemporary or festival feel while giving you a beautiful flexible space. These are the perfect middle ground to a kata / big hat tipi and save a lot of money at the same time!

For info on our Stretch Marquees visit www.mystretchtent.co.uk 


 Please be aware that because of the sheer cost of making a Big tipi we have to ask for a 50% non refundable deposit in order for work to start